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Why a Virtual Coffee?

I offer virtual coffees to senior leaders because:

→ They energise me. I get to meet interesting people and help them resolve their challenges – that’s two of my favourite things. Plus, people are always surprised by the impact we can have in such a short time.

→ Since I started doing them, I haven’t had to make a single sales call – I simply help people and let the work speak for itself. That’s a big bonus because I hate sales calls!

→ There are just too many leaders out there who are struggling to become the leader they want to be. I change that. It’s what I do.

Who is Peter Anderton?

Peter is an Executive Coach and High Performance Team Engineer. He helps Directors and MDs who need their team to go further and faster – by creating levels of clarity and alignment never experienced before for both individuals and teams. Clarity and alignment that typically delivers a return on investment upwards of 2000%.

His TEDx talk ‘Great leadership comes down to only two rules’ has been watched well over a million times – and is now being used in MBA programmes around the world.

Why? Because what he does impacts real people, in the real world, to make real changes in the effectiveness and performance of their team, accelerate results – and get their life back!

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