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Peter is one of the most entertaining and enlightening speakers available to organisations looking for more oomph in their teams and a boost in their results.

Full of energy, Peter is accessible, insightful, refreshingly open and very direct.

Peter’s TEDx talk “Great leadership comes down to only two rules” has been incredibly well received – and is now being used in MBA programmes around the world.


Because what he does impacts real people, in real environments, to make real changes in the effectiveness and performance of their team.

His dynamic approach will unlock the secrets your managers need to boost their teams, accelerate results – and get their life back.


Speaking Topics

The Two Rules Every Leader Should Know

This keynote is not about collecting assorted theories. It’s not about imitating other leaders and it’s not about creating more work. 

The truth of leadership is being buried deeper and deeper under a complex assortment of models, theories and experts. Peter’s aim is to clear away the junk to reveal the ultimate truths of leadership. Truths that are sharp, powerful and simply waiting to be applied. 

Everything you need to know about leadership comes down to only two rules. The rest is just noise.  Two rules to unlock the massive potential hidden within your organisation, your team – and you!

CPR – The Three Secrets of Every High-Performing Team

CPR is the beating heart of a high performing team. We can call it leadership, but it’s so much more than that. Teams performing at their best, pulling together, and heading in the right direction are built upon CPR.

Teams flagging, lacking connection and struggling with a mish-mash of goals are desperate for CPR. Of course, most teams are somewhere between the two, with too many falling a lot nearer the latter than they want to be.

If your organisation is in need of better, faster results, but your teams are too busy to create the shift – CPR is for you. What is CPR? All will be revealed in this fast paced, high impact session! No defibrillators needed.

Maximise Your Team Juice

Did you know only 20% of the fuel in your petrol tank moves your car forward? The rest of it goes to waste through exhaust, friction and everything else. Barmy, isn’t it?

What about your team? How much of their energy is moving forwards – and how much goes to waste? If you know your team could be more, if you know deep down you’re not making the most of YOUR team juice, this is the perfect place to step up their motivation – and yours. 

Keynote Speaker and High Performance Team Engineer

Peter Anderton speaks worldwide about how leaders can escape mediocrity and inspire transformation.
Because when your leaders are working together, at their best and heading in the right direction amazing things happen! That’s what he does.

Peter has collaborated, amongst others with:

Peter makes the challenging and complex look simple.

Dr. Andrew Garland

MD, Ivoclar Vivadent

Peter was an outstanding speaker, delivering excellent content in a concise, valuable and highly entertaining way.

Dr. Andrew Mint


Probably the best explanation of leadership I have heard.

Carl Benfield

Managing Director, Prescient Power

I don’t think I’ve ever been to anything else where the lessons are still fresh and at the front of my mind a year on, or which has had such a huge benefit (professional and personal.

David Rimmer

VP, Equifax

Peter spoke at our leadership conference in Milan and his delivery was outstanding. Before the event, he took the time to understand the outcome we desired and the way we work. He tailored his material perfectly, explicity incorporating our core behaviours in a way that really hit home…

Anastasia Titova

Head of HR , Falck Renewables

Peter engages the room with energy, humour and passion for his subject. Participants rave about him and he has evaluated brilliantly.

Anna O’Kane

Transformation Lead, NHS East Midlands Leadership Academy

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