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I coach senior executives who want RESULTS, NOT HOURS.

Because working with me means you don’t pay for coaching. 



My approach has three key components, if you get each circle right AND put them together in the right way, you will create an unstoppable force for change. So much so, success is virtually guaranteed.  

That’s what makes my coaching different – it’s not about hours spent – it’s about results delivered. Work with me on a 1:1 basis and as long as you complete your actions, you will have as much coaching as you need, for a fixed fee, for as long as you need, in order to deliver the results you want.  Working with me means you don’t pay for coaching. You pay for results. Now that’s worth looking into!

If you need more from your team, if you want to take your behaviour as a leader to a new level, if you are hungry for genuine results … 


First Circle - CLARITY

Clarity is what puts you in the driving seat, pins down where you want to end up and works out how you’re going to get there.  


second circle - DRIVE

Drive is what fills batteries or fuel tanks to the brim, makes sure your car is running like a dream and releases the handbrake before you set off!


third circle - ACTION

Action is what challenges you to make it happen, keeps you going when setbacks arise, and makes sure you learn all there is to learn along the way.

Zoe Dickson, VP, Global HR Business Operations, 3M

“Peter has tremendous credibility at 3M and to me ranks as one of the best I have worked with in terms of coaching, facilitation and leading organisation change. He is very engaging, fearless of seniority in ensuring the tough issues are tackled and has very strong process capability.”

Vicky Clayton, Senior Manager, Global Cyber Security Controls, HSBC

“Peter is an absolute genius – and working with him over the last 6 months has been totally transformational. We set clear, seemingly impossible, goals and I have delivered on all of them. As if that wasn’t enough, I have also put an end to the previously-practised negative thought and behaviour patterns that held me back. Peter has supported my journey and amplified my realisation of everything that’s good about myself and in my life…

Robert Boyd, Scientific Director, Oxford BioTherapeutics

“I have recently completed two 6 month high performance coaching programmes with Peter – both of which have absolutely delivered. In no time at all I moved from sceptical to actively working on areas I know I would have avoided without him. Looking back, I can see I was blocking myself, and the self-awareness, insights and resulting changes have generated a significant shift in results. My team now communicate openly with me, see a positive way forward despite operating in times of constant change and uncertainty, and are working far more independently, frequently coming back with ideas and results that far exceed my expectations. That alone has been worth the investment – and more!…”

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