Full of energy, supportive, insightful, refreshingly open & direct, Peter’s aim is to clear away the noise to reveal the ultimate truths of leadership. Truths that are sharp, powerful and simply waiting to be applied.

Let’s start with full disclosure – sometimes I’ve succeeded – and sometimes I’ve failed!  Failure is our best teacher – that’s why I learned everything I need to know about leadership from Chocolate Hobnobs!  In the end, they taught me leadership isn’t easy, but it IS simple.

20 years ago, I was the man who made Chocolate Hobnobs!  It was mayhem. On paper, the newly automated line had tremendous capacity.  The reality was different. My worst ever shift left 10 tonnes of biscuits on the floor – apart from the ones I ate!  Day after day, week after week, I was everywhere – solving problems here, solving problems there. There was nothing I wouldn’t do in order to keep things moving.  I had a full production team, but too often it seemed I was the only one who cared, the only one who ‘got it’, as though things only worked when I was there.

My team were a million miles away from being the best they could be.  Why? Because I had fundamentally missed what leadership was all about.

The world has too many leaders, at all levels, to whom the truths of leadership have become lost in the noise.  These leaders are making themselves, and those around them, miserable.

I can change all that.

But my speaking isn’t a dialogue about how great I am – or how you all need to be more like me – far from it!  My speaking recognizes how many leaders are surrounded by alligators, soaked in exhaustion and desperate for better results. Too often there’s so much going on it seems impossible to change.  In that state, leadership seems like a distant, theoretical concept.

But clear away all the mystery and complexity, and you will see the ultimate truths of leadership are sharp, powerful and simply waiting to be applied.

I help senior executives cut through the noise to transform their organisations, their teams – and their lives.  That’s what I do.

“I cannot speak highly enough of Peter and his style; he has an incredible energy, enthusiasm and passion for his work and has a wonderful, innovative way of capturing everyone in the room”
Emma Wilson

Director, New Charter

“Peter’s speaking style is awesome and delivery flawless”
Ania Hildrey

Head Teacher, Abbot’s Lea School

“I have done a number of leadership days with other external companies over the years and to be totally honest with you Peter’s was by far the best I have attended.”
Claudia Linden

Assistant Director, Resources, Thrive Homes

“Peter was a very informative speaker who explained things in an entertaining and helpful way.  He was perfect and we would definitely have him back again to speak”
Carole Black

Director, Best Business Events


  • I genuinely care about the people I work with – that gives a powerful blend of challenge and support that takes you and your organisation a long way
  • My style is open and direct.  Listening to me isn’t always going to be comfortable – but it’s always going to be worth it – and as I am passionate about putting the bounce back into life it will certainly be enjoyable! 
  • I’ve done knackered, I’ve done difficult teams and impossible deadlines.  I’ve done the frustration of “why is everything depending on me?”
  • I am completely directionally challenged.  Navigating teams – yes. Navigating maps – no.  GPS would definitely be on my desert island list (if the island was big enough, that is)
  •  I am a Chartered Fellow of the CIPD, a Chartered Engineer and a qualified NLP master practitioner.  Plus a few other things. In fact, someone once pointed out I have more letters after my name than in my name. None of that changes the fact that my fashion sense is entirely dependent upon my wife and two teenage boys.
  • My boundless energy has led to me being described as the “Tigger” of the corporate world.
  • As a child I loved the stories where the unknown peasant went on a journey with an unlikely band of companions and discovered they had become the king the nation was yearning for.  Transformation? Check. Discovery? Check. Results? Check. I had no idea I was being trained to do what I do from such an early age! Would it have taken the fun out of it if I’d known?  Not a chance.
  • I have a talent for helping leaders transform themselves – and their teams, and I only work with leaders who are serious about making a difference

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