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Discovery Expert, Keynote Speaker & Author
Work with Peter

Peter Isn’t Just A Speaker

He does what he does because he wants to make a difference. 


You want your audience to be inspired and entertained

Then take away something practical they can use with immediate effect

You want your audience to think and reflect

Then transmit the challenge into day to day life

You want your audience to feel understood and encouraged

Then leave eager to spread the word

A Keynote Speaker You Can Trust!

Peter Anderton is a unique, High Performance Team Engineer who speaks worldwide about how leaders can escape mediocrity and inspire transformation.

Great Leadership Comes Down To Only Two Rules

His TEDx talk has been incredibly well received – and is now being used in MBA programmes around the world. Why?

Because what he does impacts real people, in real environments, to make real changes in the effectiveness and performance of their teams.

His dynamic approach will unlock the secrets your managers need to boost their teams, accelerate results – and get their life back.

Peter is supportive, insightful and down to earth

He’s not a diva. It’s not about him. His aim is to help YOU succeed.

Before your event Peter will work with you to…

  • Really understand and agree the outcomes you and your audience desire
  • Tailor his material to ensure the perfect fit with your overall theme
  • Create and promote a taster video or other content for your event if required

During your event you can be confident Peter will…

  • Deliver an engaging, authentic and inspiring presentation that nails the agreed outcomes 
  • Create clear links with the preceding presentations to ensure your event fits together beautifully
  • Be available on the day for video interviews by prior arrangement

After your event Peter can help you continue to build momentum by…

  • Posting and engaging via Twitter and LinkedIn to extend your message and make it stick!
  • Share and highlight materials that underpin and support the agreed outcomes
  • Continue to publicise and raise the profile of your event or organisation

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Prefer to work with an agency?

If you prefer to work through a speaker agency, I am exclusively represented by Speakers Associates. You can contact my agent using the details below.

Cosimo Turroturro
Speakers Associates Ltd
+44 (0)1628 636 600

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